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Dofl Y.H. Yun, Creative Technologist

project group c – Invitation from Wonderland

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July 28 – August 3, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 30, 7-9 pm

New York – SIA NY (Space in Arts New York) is pleased to announce “Invitation From Wonderland”, an installation exhibition by project group c. This exhibition at 511 West 20 Street, 2N, New York, NY runs from July 28 through August 3, 2015. The opening reception will be held at the gallery on Thursday, July 30, from 7 to 9 pm with exclusive cello performance by Cellist Woori Ko

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, project group c sends you an invitation to the mysterious world of Wonderland. Everything starts when Alice falls into the magical underground world. Not knowing where she is or how she got there, her adventure begins without any explanation.

Members of project group c gathered to construct an interactive light installation with1,170 LED lights to perceive the moral values of curiosity and courage portrayed in Alice in Wonderland. When living in a busy city as New York, New Yorkers often hope to find a getaway door to teleport away from the reality world and experience a pleasant adventure. Be courageous and speak up to escape your mundane and experience the magical world.

project group c is a creative group established in New York by artists from diverse fields.By designing interactive projects using lights, project group c is dedicated to sharing our unique stories and communicating with others and surroundings. Participating members of project group c for “Invitation From Wonderland”: Dofl Y.H. Yun, Joo Hyun Kong, Kayla Eunjeong Yang, Soojin Park, Yong Hwa Choi, and Yuna Kim.

Check more detail

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Williamsburg Bridge Radio App

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New York, NY — The Williamsburg Bridge now has a soundtrack. Curated by UNO NYC, Williamsburg Bridge Radio is a music app that works exclusively on the bridge. It plays a hype track for going up and a chill track for going down, with new tracks daily. But you have to be there, because W.B.B.R is only broadcast on the bridge.

Available on the app store and check here for more detail.

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ANA Takeoff Mode

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Now that mobile devices are allowed during takeoff, ANA saw an opportunity to create the first-ever gaming app powered by takeoff. We developed Takeoff Mode to soothe your mind from the stress of travel. It’s a fun distraction that turns takeoff into a game and makes flying more enjoyable.

Available on the app store and check official site for more detail.

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‘디자이너와 아티스트를 위한 피지컬 컴퓨팅 입문’ 워크샵

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뉴욕에 이어 다가오는 7월에 서울에서도 ‘피지컬 컴퓨팅 입문’을 위한 워크샵을 하게 되었습니다. 평소 관심 있으셨던 분들의 참여 바래요. 워크샵의 특성상 제한된 인원으로 진행할 예정이라 조기 마감이 될 수 있으니 서두르세요.

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Interactive Gravity Experiment

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An experiment about gravity.

Two shiny trophies from One Show and Clio

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My Firstborn project I worked as lead developer got two trophies from One Show and Clio in a same day. It’s such great.

First result from Collaboration with Quayola

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The show opens on this Thursday in Paris. More Info

Reviewed Book: Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook

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The ‘Cinder Creative coding Cookbook’ book I reviewed is published finally. You can check it at Amazon

The Crowded Masters Speak

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DMesh: Top 10 Free Mac Graphics & Design Software

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DMesh is now a Top 10 free Mac Graphics & Design Software. Thx for loving and supporting.