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Experiment with Leap Motion

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A quick prototypes I work with Leap Motion. Leap Motion is a 3d depth camera like Microsoft Kinect. The company is estimating that the leap will ship in early 2013. I am so excited about to get a Leap Motion Dev Board (v.04) in advance. Build with C++ and Cinder.

Experiment I: Spaceship Racer Prototype
This prototype shows that controlling position of camera in 3d space by tracking two hands.

Experiment II: Mesh Builder
This prototype shows that how to add points by tracking fingertips and generate triangle meshes in 3d space by connecting points.

Special thank Robert Hodgin and Andrew Bell for setting Leap Motion SDK up into Cinder app.

Prototype Download Links (OSX 10.7 or later only)
Spaceship Racer
Mesh Creator

Reference Links
Leap Motion: https://leapmotion.com
Cinder: http://libcinder.org

Creative Applications Network / First experiments with Leap Motion and Cinder / Nov 2012
WIRED Magazine / Augmented Reality: First Experiments with Leap Motion and Cinder / Nov 2012
digitalarti / Leap Motion first trials by Dofl Yun / Nov 2012

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